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Aprica Colanbigi

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Aprica Colanbigi
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  • Aprica Colanbigi
  • Aprica Colanbigi
  • Aprica Colanbigi
Harga: Rp.1,850,000
Tersedia: Persediaan
Model: Aprica Colanbigi
Pabrikan Pembuat: Aprica

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Comes in 4 different styles that can be used in tandem with the baby's growth

* Completely lying-flat hug; Avoid any disturbance on abdominal breathing & effectively prevent oxygen desaturation
* Four-directional shouldering; Change the way of carrier according to baby's age and body build.
* Hand supporting head protection pad design
* Apply ancillary hand supporting when holding baby horizontally to better stabilize the baby's head. Plus Aprica's unique design, to hold the baby by hand from where his two legs separate to effectively prevent its thigh joint from dislocation.
* The cover on the top of the head is standing upright. Special soft material and the style design aimed to completely protect the baby whose neck is not yet fully developed. When the upright holding position not in use, it can be folded back. Easy and simple.
* Broad height and width design at the rear head part, using special soft materials to allow baby's vital rear head part to have the best sense of touch.
* Secure and soft back panel; Keeping the horizontal hug to feel safe and secure
* When horizontal holding period has passed as baby grows, the soft backrest can be removed to change to proper holding position.
* Hip Joint Soft Protection Cushion; Prevent thigh joint dislocation effectively
* Body temperature ventilation adjustment strutcure; Assisting function of body temperature adjustment
* Special bubble hole structure to disperse heat easily and help keep baby's back cool, comforable
* 3-D ventilation mesh material; The parts that contact the skin of the baby are made of breathable fluffy netted materials so that it ensures coolness in summer.
* Healthy material easy to clean and fast to dry.
* Comfortable Posture for your Baby You can feel safe and secure carrying your baby even for prolonged periods as it maintains your baby's natural posture, preventing your baby's legs from opening out excessively. The presence of pores to allow the circulation of air also ensures that your baby is cool, comfortable and does not pespire easily.
* Safe and Secure Piggy-back Harness As the piggy back harness provides a firm support for the baby's body, you feel safe and secure even when carrying your baby by piggy-back. It can also be used when craddling and carrying your baby.
* Uninterrupted Sleep with the "Good Night" Curtain Shields the baby from the glare of the sun and from the wind, and maintains the posture of the baby's neck while the baby is asleep. Made of material that is easy on the skin and with superior sweat-absorbent properties.
* Waist-belt does not tire you out as easily The waist belt and shoulder belt, designed with the body type in mind, fits your body well. Provides comfort and does not tire your shoulder and waist as easily even during prolonged carrying and piggy-back
* Simple 3 Steps Put in on a waist belt. Strap on the shoulder belt. Secure the buckle at the back. In just 3 steps, you are all set
* Easy Care and Maintenance With the drool pad, cleaning is now made easy. The area around the baby's face is always kept
* Lightweight and Easy, Convenient Storage Lightweight design. Just fold it and it can be stored in a bag easily
* Duration of use: newborn-15 kg (36 month)
* Weight: 620 g * except newborn sheets for bed curtains, drooling pads
* Waist belt sizes 74 cm-118 cm (for both men and women)

Aprica Colanbigi
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Aprica Colanbigi
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